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File Transfer (Robo Copy/Beyond Compare)

  1. On the New Server open a notepad and type the following for each shared location on the old server:
    1. Robocopy\\”servername”\”shared folder”/w:1/copyall
    2. C:\”same as sharedname”/m:r/r:1
  2. Copy the command into an Admin CMD line and watch the progress (open a new window for each shared folder)
  3. Download Beyond Compare
  4. After hours kill all shares from the old server after running Beyond Compare for the last time
  5. Share out folder on the new server
  6. On the old server go to Reyedit.exe
  7. Navigate to the following folders:
    1. Key_local_machine\system\surrentcontrolset\services\lanmanserver\shares
  8. Export the shares folder to the C:Drive of the new server
  9. Log into the new server and open the file in a txt file
  10. Delete only keys/shares that you are not moving
  11. Save and import the registry key. This will preserve user permissions and shares for the server