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Move Printers

  1. If it is not already installed, install the printer manager roll on the old server
  2. Install print manager roll on new server
  3. Open management on the old server. Expand print servers
  4. Select print server and right click to export
  5. Copy exported file to new server
  6. Open management and expand servers
  7. Right click and select Import
  8. Open group policy on new DL once under default domain policy (or create a printer policy) navigate to: user configuration\preference\control panel settings\printers
  9. At the top select the blue +
  10. For adding printers select create. Showed path select printers from list below that is on the new server
  11. Do the same to delete old printer, but select the delete tab instead of create
  12. Alternate the create and delete to remove first then add